3er Seminario Mexicano de la Fundación Davis-Thompson / Patología en Rumiantes

Por favor únete a nosotros para este seminario gratuito en español el 28 y 29 de octubre a las 8am Mexico City Horario. El evento contará con oradores increíbles que hablarán sobre todo lo que necesita saber sobre el patología del ganado y de los pequeños rumiantes, incluyendo ¡varios tipos de sistemas! El seminario es gratuito, pero es necesario registrarse.

Davis-Thompson Foundation ACVP Pre-Meeting Workshop

Soft tissue neoplasms comprise some of the most common neoplastic entities in veterinary medicine. Drs. Avallone, Roccabianca and Schulman will present material from the third volume of the series, Surgical Pathology of Tumors of Domestic Animals: Tumors of Soft Tissues, with a special guest lecture by Dr. Brian Summers. This meeting will target veterinary students, interns, residents, and anatomic pathologists involved in diagnostics. The conference will be organized into presentations and case-based interactive discussions with digital microscopy files available to registrants prior to the meeting. The presentations will cover principles and guidelines for soft tissue tumor diagnosis, grading and reporting. The most common and some of the most challenging entities, including fibrous, perivascular, and vascular tumors, will be addressed.

Latin Comparative Pathology Group session at the 2021 ACVP/ASVCP meeting

Please join us on 31 October 2021 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM US Central Daylight time for a FREE (no ACVP meeting registration needed) webinar with outstanding talks organized by the LCPG. Come join us and support this excellent and generous group initiative with a rich schedule, full of informative presentations.


Davis-Thompson Foundation Award Ceremony

Please join us on 31 October 2021 (Sunday) at 6:30 PM Central Time to celebrate this annual ceremony where outstanding Anatomic and Clinical Pathology trainees in programs across the US and Canada are recognized by their institutions and pathology community, recipients of the Davis-Thompson Foundation Award. This year's Ceremony will be virtual (Zoom) and open to everyone, but registration (free) is needed.


Patología macroscopica de bovinos

Por favor únete a nosotros para este seminario gratuito en español el 1 de octubre a las 11am Central Daylight Time (CDT). El Dr. Mario Bedolla, de la Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, compartirá con los asistentes excelentes imágenes y discusiones sobre diversas enfermedades que afectan al ganado. El seminario es gratuito, pero es necesario registrarse.

Patologia de aves selvagens e ornamentais

Junte-se a nós para este evento, que ocorrerá dia 17 de novembro, às 17h horário de Brasília. Inscreva-se neste seminário gratuito par assistir à Dra. Renata Assis Casagrande, da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina/Udesc, Brasil! A Dra. Renata irá trazer um tema bastante interessante ao falar de aves não-domésticas, o que promete deixar todos os participantes engajados o tempo inteiro! Este seminário é gratuito, mas a inscrição é necessária.

Pathology of domestic turkeys

Join us on Friday 19 November 2021, at 11:00 am Central Standard Time to learn, refresh, or review Turkey Pathology 101! Dr. Grant Burcham (Purdue University) will share with you part of his rich experience in diagnostics of domestic turkeys, including classic and intriguing cases. Come test your knowledge and share it with your colleagues! Registration is free but required.

Voices in Pathology: LatinXs

Please join us on Friday, 26 November 2021, from 11 am to 1 pm Central Standart Time for this lively gathering about diversity and inclusion within the veterinary community, with a special focus on LatinXs and their Veterinary Pathology careers. Stellar panelists from all over the world representing our Latin American voices will share important discussions and milestones about LatinXs' trajectory in society, veterinary fields, and the many subareas of veterinary pathology. Prestigious LatinXs playing roles in academia, industry, and research will share their perspectives and stimulate discussion with participants. Come be part of this dynamic! Registration is free but required.


Enfermedades de cetaceos

Por favor únete a nosotros para este seminario gratuito en español el 3 de diciembre a las 11am Central Daylight Time (CDT). El Dr. Antonio Fernandez, de la Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias, traerá contenido curioso sobre la patología de ballenas, delfines y más. ¡Asiste este seminario si desea obtener más información sobre estos animales! El seminario es gratuito, pero es necesario registrarse.

Standardization of Tumor Prognostic Parameters in Veterinary Pathology

Please join us on December 8th from 4pm to 5pm London time for a free seminar on Tumor Prognostic Parameters in Vet Med, promoted by the European Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation. Dr. Taryn Donovan, from the Animal Medical Center (New York, US), will share with us the critical aspects of prognosticators in veterinary oncology. Such topic is crucial for many professionals within academia, industry, and diagnostic environments. Registration is free but required.

Patología de lagomorfos con especial énfasis en la enfermedad vírica hemorrágica

Por favor únete a nosotros para este seminario gratuito en español el 3 de diciembre a las 11am Central Daylight Time (CDT). El Dr. Javier Asin, de la University of California-Davis, compartirá con nosotros información práctica y valiosa sobre las enfermedades de los lagomorfos y esta delicada enfermedad viral. El seminario es gratuito, pero es necesario registrarse.