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For the Advancement of Veterinary and Comparative Pathology​

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Pathology is the foundation of all medicine, human and veterinary. As pathologists, we study the manifestations and causes of disease in all species of the animal kingdom. 

As researchers and academics, we strive to advance the study of veterinary diseases and the comparison of diseases manifested by diverse species of animals.

We have the largest repository of pathology images in the world. Our unique courses and content are provided by  world-renowned experts and outstanding pathologists in the field.

We pursue and disseminate our knowledge not for its own sake, but to improve the health and well-being of all animals in the world – humans included.

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Patologia reprodutiva do cão e gato

Junte-se a nós neste seminário virtual especialmente dedicado a falantes da língua portuguesa, dia 13 de julho de 2022, às 18h (horário de Brasília). A Dra. Maria dos Anjos Pires compartilhará conosco sua experiência com patologia reprodutiva em pequenos animais domésticos, com direito a imagens completementares e discussões sobre patogênese.


Rewind Friday: Gross Photography Tips

We all know how busy our days can be! If you always had that specific fun and interesting seminar you wanted to attend but couldn't make it, fear no more. This year, the Foundation is bringing back to you some of our recorded archived lectures (not publicly available on Youtube), delivered by top-notch speakers from all over the world. This July 15, 2022 (Friday), 11am-12:30pm Central Time, you have the opportunity to watch (again) David Garnick providing phenomenal tips for next-level photographs tailored to anatomic pathologists. Registration is free but required. Certificates will be issued to those who attend.