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By Rachel L. Autran T. Neto This Voices in Pathology series was primarily dedicated to the energetic and lovely colleagues […]

The ultimate 2021 recap!

The Davis-Thompson Foundation had a phenomenal year! Check out from where our virtual seminars were broadcasted in this interactive 3D map. THANK YOU to all of those who continue to support our mission!

In this phenomenal review, the reader will have access to a detailed dissection of Dr. Keren Dittmer's talk, as part of the Australian Seminar Series, via Dr. Haydock's lenses! Enjoy the material and make sure you watch the seminar on YouTube (link in the text body).

The winning image for the November 2021 newsletter is this gorgeous macro photograph of the spiracular plate of the secondary screwworm Cochliomyia macellaria

Awardees in this category are a select group of residents or graduate students from university members of the Foundation. These individuals are chosen by their faculty for having demonstrated superior scholarship, exceptional diagnostic skills, mentorship, leadership in addition to talent and enthusiasm for teaching.

The Veterinary Pathology Journal Award is given for best article from the previous year’s Veterinary Pathology journal as judged by writing, illustrations, pertinence and importance.

The Best Diagnostic Exercise Award is sponsored and selected by the Latin American Comparative Pathology Group. It is awarded to the best diagnostic exercise from the previous year.

The Barbara Jean Thompson Service Award is given to Foundation volunteers who have provided outstanding service to the Foundation.