Free Friday Seminar – Cool Cases from Kentucky with Dr. Uneeda Bryant

They always say that you shouldn’t look a gift horse by the mouth! But we bet this Free Friday Seminar will gift you with some cool Kentucky cases brilliantly selected by Dr. Uneeda Bryant.

Do not miss this opportunity, and join your fellow colleagues to learn some awesome Kentuckian cases and discuss cool lesions.

 Registration is free but required.

Bone Marrow Histopathology

Join us on Friday 11 March 2022, at 11:00 am Central Standard Time to learn and review aspects of bone marrow collection, processing, staining, and interpretation of normal and abnormal histopathologic findings with Dr. Rose Raskin (Professor Emerita, Purdue University). Using digital examples of core biopsies, participants will challenge their understanding of normal and abnormal topography of bone marrow as well as recognition of selected hyperplastic, infectious, and neoplastic conditions. Registration is free but required.

Foal diarrhea: the usual suspects and a new kid on the block

Join us on Friday 21 January 2022, at 11:00 am Central Standard Time to get the most updated information on diarrhea of foals! After Dr. Laura Kennedy’s (University of Kentucky) presentation, participants will be able to develop differential lists for foal diarrhea based on age, clinical signs, and husbandry; identify useful diagnostic testing modalities to differentiate between etiologies; and explain limitations of conventional diagnostic testing. Registration is free but required.

Equine Dental Histology: Foundational Knowledge Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Join us on Friday 7 January 2022, at 11:00 am Central Standard Time to learn about this fascinating topic! Dr. Charles Schwarten (Joint Pathology Center) will share the normal histologic structures of equine incisors and cheek teeth; variations of normal, true pathology, and artifact on histology; and common equine dental disease entities on histology. Registration is free but required.