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Tumor grading in animals: merits, flaws and challenges

The Foundation invites you to dive into an incredible lecture at Aussie-friendly time with a focus on the basics of grading systems, including general terminology and grading system construction, using some of the most commonly used grading systems in veterinary medicine as examples. Don't miss this opportunity!


Seminar Series in Spanish: Patologia forense veterinaria: Generalidades y el caso de la asfixia

¡La Fundación Davis Thompson y LCPG te invitan a sumergirte en una serie de seminarios en español que no te puedes perder! El Dr. Carlos Gonzalez (MV, MPhil, PhD) compartirá sus conocimientos sobre la Patologia Forense en Medicina Veterinaria. ¡Es tu oportunidad de aprender y disfrutar de un seminario para aprender cómo abordar un caso legal y los detalles de casos tan complicados y delicados! No te lo pierdas. ¡Te esperamos!

The hair follicle; normal, inflammation and neoplasia

The foundation invites you to dive into this lecture at Aussie-friendly time as we explore not only the anatomy of hair follicles, but also the hair follicle tumors and inflammatory diseases. Join the renowned Dr. Wiener for an insightful lecture to learn more about the microscopic marvels and challenges hidden beneath the fur. From understanding the delicate structure of hair follicles to diagnosing and treating various conditions, this event is a must-attend for veterinary professionals eager to enhance their knowledge and improve animal health.


Seminar Series in Spanish: Sarcomas de tejido blandos: del patólogo al oncólogo

¡La Fundación Davis Thompson y LCPG te invitan a sumergirte en una serie de seminarios en español que no te puedes perder! Los Drs. Federico Cifuentes (MV, MSc, DrCs, DACVP) y Rodrigo Crossley (MV, MS) compartirán sus conocimientos sobre los sarcomas de tejido blando. ¡Es tu oportunidad de revisar las perspectivas clínicas, el sistema de clasificación y la perspectiva oncológica de estos tumores tan comunes.! No te lo pierdas. ¡Te esperamos!

RaceHorse Necropsy Workshop

Join us for an exciting and educational workshop where you'll dive into the fascinating world of racehorse necropsy. This hands-on event is designed for veterinarians, veterinary students, and equine enthusiasts who are eager to learn about the intricate details of racehorse anatomy, pathology, and the factors that affect their health and performance. REGISTRATION IS FREE BUT REQUIRED

XV Brazilian Symposium of the Davis-Thompson Foundation

The XV Brazilian Symposium Davis Thompson Foundation, organized by the Davis-Thompson Foundation, Associação Brasileira de Patologia Veterinária, and the Veterinary School at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, is happening soon! Join us for a 3-day immersion in wildlife conservation tools led by Dr. Denise McAloose. The event will feature multiple mock tests for skill practice. Note that lectures will be in English. Stay tuned for registration details and costs!