22nd Davis-Thompson AAVLD Diagnostic Pathology Symposium: Diseases of the Nervous System

September 21st is the last day of registration for VIRTUAL attendance in this exciting symposium, which will be delivered in conjunction with the 65th AAVLD annual meeting. The Davis-Thompson Foundation will be conducting an eight-hour continuing education symposium entitled “Diseases of the Nervous System” on October 7th, 2022.  Didactic lectures will be combined with audience participation to result in an engrossing day-long seminar.

Latin America Road Show 2022- Patologia Respiratoria

¿Están list@s para esta aventura? Reserven la fecha para estos sensacionales encuentros, todos presenciales, dedicados a estudiantes y residentes en América Latina, promovidos por el Latin Comparative Pathology Group y la Fundación. Consulte más detalles para conocer a sus compañeros y adquirir más conocimientos con muchos instructores de renombre en patología veterinaria.


Hallazgos macroscópicos en muertes violentas en humanos

¡Únase a nosotros el Jueves October 20, 2022 para un seminario especial sobre el detrás de escena de la patología forense humana. Dr. Marcelo Uzal hablará sobre heridas por arma blanca, heridas por proyectil de arma de fuego, y asfixia mecánica.


Full-day seminar on poultry pathology!

We haven't had a full-day virtual seminar in a while, so don't miss this one loaded with fantastic speakers at the top of their game. Combine expert advice and loads of beautiful pictures, and these lectures will surely help you step up your poultry game. Drs. Oscar Fletcher, Fred Hoerr, Carmen Jerry, and Jennine Ochoa are our esteemed speakers, so please join us Tuesday, October 25 from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm Central Daylight time.


Serie de seminarios de histopatología del LCPG

El LCPG anuncia rondas especiales de histopatología abiertas al público, completamente dedicadas a estudiantes de habla hispana. Esta serie contará con láminas digitalizadas o proyectadas de casos didácticos e interesantes de patología.


Patologia de doenças micóticas

Junte-se a nós neste seminário virtual especialmente dedicado a falantes da língua portuguesa, dia 9 de novembro de 2022, às 18h (horário de Brasília). O Dr. Antônio Flávio Dantas irá abrilhantar este dia com sua expertise em doenças micóticas em animais domésticos. Sua palestra irá contar com patogênese, aspectos clínicos, macro-micro, e patologia comparada das principais doenças fúngicas na nossa área.


2022 ACVP pre-meeting workshop

Bone, cartilage, and dental tumors can be "hard", in more ways than one. Our speakers will present a workshop based on material from the fourth volume of the series, Surgical Pathology of Tumors of Domestic Animals: Tumors of Bone, Cartilage and Other Hard Tissues. This meeting will target veterinary students, interns, residents, and anatomic pathologists involved in diagnostics. The conference will be organized into presentations and case-based interactive discussions with digital microscopy files available to registrants prior to the meeting. The presentations will cover preparation of bone and hard tissue sections, integration of immunohistochemistry, radiology and cytology into diagnosis, and key features of common bone, cartilage and hard tissue tumors. Case presentations will be used to illustrate the approach and diagnostic features of different bone and dental tumors.

Brazilian Descriptive Veterinary Pathology Course 2022

Our highly praised Descriptive Veterinary Pathology Course is getting a new “gingado”!

The Davis-Thompson Foundation together with the Associação Brasileira de Patologia Veterinária and the Veterinary School at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais are bringing DVP to Brazil! Join Drs. Craig, Koehler and Pesavento for a five-day immersion in description and interpretation of gross, microscopic, ultrastructural changes as well as use and interpretation of IHC/ISH and PCR at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. There will be multiple mock tests to practice your skills!

Please note: Lectures will be presented in English with real-time translation to Portuguese.