Workshop in Paysandú, Uruguay

A full-day workshop on Necropsy and Gross Examination was held on June 11 2023 in Paysandú, Uruguay. The workshop was organized by the Davis-Thompson Foundation and the Paysandú Veterinary Medical Center. The course coordinators were Drs. Carolina Matto, Lourdes Adrien, and Rodolfo Rivero. The meeting was held together with the 50th Buiatrics Uruguayan Meeting which this year celebrated its 50 years of uninterrupted sessions. What an accomplishment! The President of Uruguay, Mr. Luis Lacalle Pou, honored this achievement with his presence during the inauguration ceremony when he declared the meeting open.

Forty enthusiastic colleagues (most of them field practitioners, but also some pathologists, meat inspectors and veterinary students) attended the workshop. During the morning Dr. Francisco Uzal gave a wonderfully interactive lecture on Gross Description of Lesions with the active participation of all the attendees. After this, together with Drs. Fernando Dutra and Jose Verdes, they demonstrated gross descriptions using multiple fresh organs originating from diagnostic cases. After lunch, the participants were divided into several groups that performed field necropsies on cattle and sheep, under the supervision of Drs. Matto, Adrien, Rivero, Dutra, Verdes, Ceriani, Rodríguez, Schanzembach, Arbiza and Uzal. When the necropsies were concluded, each group presented the main findings to all the attendees, and gross lesions, pathogenesis, possible etiologies and recommendations for the submitter were discussed. This highlighted the importance of field necropsies and communication between pathologists, practitioners, and producers.

The Paysandú Veterinary Medical Center thanks all instructors for such a wonderful workshop and looks forward to another great Davis-Thompson Foundation training experience in Paysandú in the near future!

Mr. Luis Lacalle Pou, President of Uruguay, declared the workshop open.

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