Standardization of Tumor Prognostic Parameters in Veterinary Pathology

Please join us on December 8th from 4pm to 5pm London time for a free seminar on Tumor Prognostic Parameters in Vet Med, promoted by the European Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation. Dr. Taryn Donovan, from the Animal Medical Center (New York, US), will share with us the critical aspects of prognosticators in veterinary oncology. Such topic is crucial for many professionals within academia, industry, and diagnostic environments. Registration is free but required.

Not Just Glass: Getting More From Our Samples

Please join us on 16 November 2021 from 9am to 4pm US Central Standard time for a full-day seminar on what lies beyond our routine glass slides. This seminar will introduce participants to the revolution of cancer genomics and its application in veterinary medicine, as well as discuss the approaches available beyond histology including the technology of cancer genomic profiling, correlative biomarkers for immunotherapeutics, and the growing technology of image analysis and artificial intelligence. Stellar speakers are lined up for this event, and they will share content pertinent to academia, research, and diagnostics. Registration is $50. As usual, registrants will get access to the recorded seminar for 14 days in case you can’t watch it in real time.

Small animal gastrointestinal pathology

Join us on Saturday morning, on October 16th, at 10 am Sydney Time for this amazing seminar! Dr. Jesse Hostetter, from University of Georgia, will make GI pathology less complicated with his great lecture, representative pictures, and some practical examples. You definitely don’t want to miss this one! Register below!