2022 US Descriptive Veterinary Pathology Course

This year the course will be held June 6-10, 2022 via live broadcast on Zoom. And, once again, we will offer a significantly discounted rate for rebroadcast of the lectures. Come to hear lectures from Dr. Linden Craig (the necropsy queen), Dr. Jey Koehler (the “don’t waste words” queen), and Dr. Patty Pesavento (the EM anchor queen) on recognizing, describing, and interpreting gross, microscopic, and ultrastructural lesions as well as choosing and critically evaluating special diagnostic techniques (IHC/ISH/PCR). In addition to lectures, there are active learning exercises, and FIVE mock tests covering both interpretation multiple-choice and description of digital slides. We will also have a session on how test-writers make good multiple choice questions, and a break-out session where participants will write questions (or make ones they’ve already written much better), which will be compiled and given back to participants for study. Come make friends for life at the in-person version!