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Participant review: Asian American Voices in Pathology (by Dr. Laura Setyo)

The Asian American Voices in Pathology webinar (May 28, 2021) was an event close to my heart. As an Asian Australian living in England, I am always eager to hear the stories of likeminded souls and to tap into their experiences, beliefs, and values systems. This event served to truly highlight the kaleidoscope of all our voices. It was a truly enlightening discussion which served to open mental gateways and allowed people the opportunity to share experiences. Ultimately, we recognised that we need to stand strong with each other to eventuate real change. Panellists touched on the abundance mindset – that there is enough space for all our voices and that one story doesn’t overwrite another. They discussed that it is the fear of stagnation and hope for change that is what needs to drive us, and that we need to run towards our better futures. We are here to create spaces that allow us to all be visible, to take up space, and to be more than just the “other.” Implicit biases, and the need to challenge these, including the model minority myth, was discussed. This event demonstrated how much each of us can bring to the table if we are given the opportunity and that we need to keep giving that opportunity to others. The Davis-Thompson Foundation has done a truly valuable thing by allowing their platform to be a podium where diverse individuals can stand proud, and to be a place where inclusive voices within pathology are able to be heard.

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