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Noah’s Slidebox Passes Major Milestone and Deploys a More Efficient Search Function

by Bruce Williams
Chief Financial Officer
Davis-Thompson Foundation

In May 2023, the Foundation’s newest online endeavor, Noah’s Slidebox, became the largest repository of online educational whole slides, eclipsing the 1700 slides contained within the JPC’s Online Wednesday Slide Conference, and its cousin, the Veterinary Systemic Pathology Online (VSPO), at 925 slides.

Continuing to grow by an average of ten slides each day from a wide range of slide seminars run by a wide variety of organizations, including the Foundation, AAVLD, ACVP, AAZV, and various universities, each slide is accompanied by a writeup ranging from one to five pages, as it was originally presented. This collection contains numerous representations of more common entities, and a growing number of cases from laboratory animals, zoo and wildlife species, exotics, and invertebrates.

In response to a number of inquiries, we have also upgraded the utility of the search function. If you click on “View/Search All Slides” on the Noah’s Slidebox main page, you can string search any diagnosis and retrieve a specific listing of cases matching your keyword(s). (A search below shows the part of a page of cases currently retrievable under the search word “toxicosis”).

If you haven’t visited Noah’s Slidebox, give it a try. We bet you are going to be amazed (and learn something, too!) Remember, this and the many other FREE initiatives provided by the Foundation is a great reason to become an individual member (or convince your organization to become a university or corporate member) and support the great work that the Foundation is doing!

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