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Latin American Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation

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The Latin Comparative Pathology Group: the Latin American Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation

Who are we?

The Latin Comparative Pathology Group (LCPG) is a non-profit, educational organization whose objective is “To further education and scientific progress in comparative pathology, among Latin scientific professionals and/or any professional working in a Latin country”

Regular activities and opportunities:  

1-Scholarships and awards (LCPG members only)
   a. ACVP travel award
   b. LCPG meeting in Latin America award
   c. LCPG Pathology externship award
   d. LCPG Best paper award

2-Scientific session at scientific meetings (ACVP)

3-Continuous education in Latin America

4-Diagnostic exercises

5-Mentoring, externships, support, and experience-sharing with students and pathologists

 For more details. on these activities,  visit

Membership is voluntary and open to all colleagues. Latino heritage or Latin-based language communication are not required. The LCPG does not endorse or tolerate any form of bias against nationality, race, ethnicity, religious preference (or no religion at all), political preference, gender, sexual preference, or sexual identity.  All LCPG members are embraced equally and treated with respect.

Students in Latin America

$ 15
  • Monthly membership

Professionals in Latin America

$ 30
  • Monthly membership

Students in U.S., Canada, and Europe

$ 25
  • Monthly membership

Professionals in U.S., Canada, and Europe

$ 50
  • Monthly membership


$ 100
  • Includes annual membership


$ 200
  • Includes annual membership