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How to Use the New University Membership Page

Using the New University Membership Page

Using the New University Membership Page

Video instructions:

1- The “new” University Membership Page is available at:

(or you can still click on “Memberships =>University Membership” at the top of the home page.)

The new system will make it easier to add the faculty/trainees in your department (all you need to do is send them a link, and they either update their existing account to be an affiliate of your University Account, or if they don’t already have an account, create a new one under your university account.) When their account becomes affiliated with your University account, they will automatically be offered member discounts on any courses for which they are offered (no more having to choose from a list of prices), and will also be given access to freebies (such as discount coupons for merchandise, videos on demand, and other items) over time.

2- As the responsible “Account administrator”, you won’t see any difference in completing the annual University Membership application – we still would like to contact information for you, the department chair, and the residency training coordinator (this allows us to reach out in case your department doesn’t remember to complete this form yearly).

3- When you have completed the form and payment (and once again this year, the membership has NOT increased in price – how many organizations can say that), you will be added as the Account Administrator. This year, instead of providing the names and contact details for your faculty and trainees, you can simply send them a link to click on which will allow them to set up their own account under your university (or if they have an existing account on the site, move it under your department in just a few keystrokes.) To get this link, simply log in to your account with your username and password. When you are logged in, click on the little outline of a person in the upper right corner, and this will take you to your account page. You will see an addition to your top line – “Add Affiliated Users”. Underneath this, there is a blank with the “Custom URL” for your university.

Simply send this URL to your faculty, staff and trainees, and have them click on it (NOTE: They need to be logged into their account first if they have one) and complete the page that comes up, and they will be added to your account. If you click on “Manage Subaccounts” – you can see who has added their accounts to your University Account, as well as remove any members who are no longer associated with your account (everyone moves on at some point!) If any of your subaccount holders have any questions as to whether they were successful in adding their account – this is the fastest way to tell.

4- We have also streamlined the annual nomination process for the Foundation Trainee Scholarship Award – you can also do this through the Foundation web page at . University account administrators have default access to this page; if the person uploading the nomination is

anyone else, simply contact Bruce Williams at for access to the page. As always, only University members in good standing may submit a nominee. This may be done at any time after you renew your membership.

5- If you (or any member of your department) have any questions about the new process, please contact Bruce Williams at

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