Rewind Friday: Gross Photography Tips

We all know how busy our days can be! If you always had that specific fun and interesting seminar you wanted to attend but couldn't make it, fear no more. This year, the Foundation is bringing back to you some of our recorded archived lectures (not publicly available on Youtube), delivered by top-notch speakers from all over the world. This July 15, 2022 (Friday), 11am-12:30pm Central Time, you have the opportunity to watch (again) David Garnick providing phenomenal tips for next-level photographs tailored to anatomic pathologists. Registration is free but required. Certificates will be issued to those who attend.


Current Literature and Image Interpretation Course

Save the date for the renowned and lively (formerly known as) "Gross Course", with novelties tailored to anatomic pathology trainees and those taking Phase 2 of the ACVP exam. This revamped gathering is now the "Current Literature and Image Interpretation course" (CLIIC), and it will have stellar instructors lined up sharing systems-based review of veterinary pathology, including current literature, relevant textbooks, gross images, cytology, and histopathology images. Registration links and more information will follow soon.

Current Laboratory Animal Science Seminar (CLASS) and Pathology of Laboratory Animals (POLA)

Save the date for this yearly renowned comprehensive course on all-things-related Lab Animals! The Davis-Thompson Foundation presents the CLASS course, focusing on preparing for the ACLAM exam, USDA and PHS regulations, and the NRC and Ag guides. Right after CLASS is the famous Pathology of Laboratory Animals course, chock full of pathology of mice, rats, non-human primates, rabbits, ferrets, and mini-pigs. Make sure you reserve 6-12 August 2022 on your calendars!

2022 Annual Symposium of the European Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation

Come and join us in wonderful Athens, Greece for the 2022 Annual Symposium of the European Division of the Davis-Thompson Foundation focused on non-human primate pathology, on 5 and 6 September, 2022. Phenomenal speakers will share comprehensive lecture materials with participants.


Aborto por doenças infecciosas em animais de produção

Junte-se a nós neste seminário virtual especialmente dedicado a falantes da língua portuguesa, dia 14 de setembro de 2022, às 18h (horário de Brasília). A Dra. Caroline Argenta Pescador irá trazer o que há de mais atualizado no mundo diagnóstico de abortos em animais de produção, com especial ênfase em agentes infecciosos. Será uma excelente oportunidade para revisar seus diferenciais e principais testes confirmatórios.


Southcentral Division 32nd Annual Meeting: Hybrid Format!

Dig your toes in the sand in person or join us virtually for our first hybrid format multi-day meeting! Held at the Texas A&M Galveston campus, this meeting is full of interesting case report presentations. Participants will also receive 10 hours of RACE-accredited CE. In-person registration fee includes morning and afternoon refreshments and group Friday lunch and dinner. Interested in presenting a 10-15 minute case report? Contact Dr. Jason Thornton at until 15 August 2022. You don't have to present to attend and enjoy, though.

22nd Davis-Thompson AAVLD Diagnostic Pathology Symposium: Diseases of the Nervous System

Save the date for this exciting symposium which will be delivered in conjunction with the 65th AAVLD annual meeting. The Davis-Thompson Foundation will be conducting an eight-hour continuing education symposium entitled “Diseases of the Nervous System” on October 7th, 2022. 
Didactic lectures will be combined with audience participation to result in an engrossing day-long seminar. The DavisThompson Foundation is an approved CE provider. 
Don’t miss out and mark this date on your calendar. Registration links and more information will follow this Summer. 

Patologia de doenças micóticas

Junte-se a nós neste seminário virtual especialmente dedicado a falantes da língua portuguesa, dia 9 de novembro de 2022, às 18h (horário de Brasília). O Dr. Antônio Flávio Dantas irá abrilhantar este dia com sua expertise em doenças micóticas em animais domésticos. Sua palestra irá contar com patogênese, aspectos clínicos, macro-micro, e patologia comparada das principais doenças fúngicas na nossa área.