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The Necropsy Book, Fifth Edition (Updated and Pocket-Sized)

and profusely illustrated by MARION E. NEWSON, BETSY UHL, & MIKE SIMMONS

Released January 1st 2006, as a permanently bound, “pocket size”, 242 page book weighing 8.9oz. This book is a valuable reference and guide for every clinical veterinarian and veterinary pathologist who has any requirement to perform a necropsy on any species of animal. 243 pages covering:

Necropsy Request Form: Necropsy report, necropsy descriptions and write up, sample report
The Pneumonias
The Necropsy Technique
Line Drawings for Necropsy Lesion Localizations
Greek and Latin Combining form word list

Nonlesions (68 entities you might mistakenly report as a lesion)
A. General and External Findings (13 entities are described)
B. Spleen (4 entities are described)
C. Liver and Gall Bladder (4 entities are described)
D. Endocrine (5 entities are described)
E. Kidney and Urinary Bladder (7 entities are described)
F. Respiratory (8 entities are described)
G. Cardiovascular (8 entities are described)
H. Bone ( (1 entity described)
I. Central Nervous System (2 entities are described)
J. Fetus (2 entities described)
K. Gastrointestinal (14 entities described)

Addended Notes
A. The Smells of Pathology (20 entities described)
B. Brief Comments on Neoplasia
C. The Time of Death (7 indicators discussed)
D. Decomposition
E. Miscellaneous Comments

Representative Stages of Post Mortem Lung Inflation
Rough Sketches and Comments on Lesions
Lung (47 pages); Liver (21 pages); Kidney (17 pages); Heart (28 pages)