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Surgical Pathology of Tumors of Domestic Animals Volume 2: Mammary Tumors

The second volume in the 3rd series, Mammary tumors, has an international slate of co-authors (Drs. Valentina Zappulli, Laura Pena, Roberta Rasotto, Michael Goldschmidt, Adelina Gama, Jennifer Scruggs, and Matti Kiupel) and contains the latest classification schema and criteria for mammary tumors of the domestic species. This book is a vast improvement over its second edition counterpart with 150 additional pages, all color images incorporated directly into the text (no more flipping to the back of the book and hunting for the right images), and includes not only histology, but cytology, immunohistochemistry, and far more explanatory material on normal anatomy, embryology of common tumors and much more.