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Latin American Descriptive Course 2023

by Roberto Olivares DVM, PhD, DACVP

From December 15 to 18, the Latin American Descriptive Pathology Course 2023 was held at the San Francisco de Asis School of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, located in San Jose, Costa Rica. The course was dictated by Dr. Jey Koehler, Dr. Patty Pesavento and Dr. Ana Alcaraz.

This course was the result of months of joint work between the lecturers and the local organization in charge of Dr. Roberto Olivares.

The course was a great success, with 31 participants from Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, El Salvador and Panama, making it an excellent training opportunity for people from the region. The attendees practiced macroscopic and microscopic lesions with scanned slides on the University’s computers, shared lunches and the four days of the course were held in an atmosphere of great camaraderie.

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